Elite Marines Security Consultants

Elite Marines Security Consultants is India based maritime security company, owned and  run by former Marine Special Forces officer of the Indian Navy. The Marine Commandos –“Marcos” as they are called, are part of the Elite Special Forces of the Indian Navy. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and signatory of International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC).

We are authorised training centres for MSO 8269-03 course of City & Guilds, and STCW 10 courses by Liberian Maritime Authority.

Elite Marines' pillar of strength is its dedicated and professional pool of manpower which is carefully vetted, screened and trained by the management personally. Our Marsec and land security teams have been performing to the best of satisfaction of the clients. With the use of practical methods of anti-piracy onboard the vessel and the use of our methodology, we can guarantee that your vessel will reach its destination safely. All our operatives are ex Military – former Marine Spl Forces / Indian Navy / Gurkhas and Indian Army SF personnel.

For Land security, we specialise in CP / EP and Homeland security. Our Army Special Forces, NSG and the Marcos operatives have vast experience in providing physical protection to the VIPs in India as well as abroad.  

For Oil & Gas sector, we have a resource of ex combat / IMCA qualified divers (Air / Sat) and ROV pilots. In addition, we have capabilities to undertake projects in UXO / deminning, Salvage operations and Nuclear diving. 

EMSC is a client-focused company that values business ethics to the core. We take responsibility for the task and ensure that our recommendations are clear, achievable and most importantly, commercially beneficial to our clients. We aim to achieve the fine balance between security and commercial viability for our clients.

The training wing of EMSC - Elite Marines Academy is located at Jaipur, conducts following courses which are run by team of officers from Merchant Navy and ex Special Forces of the Indian Navy. We are the first Marsec company in India where 3 days MSO courseMarines Spl Forces officer. We also have authorisation and approval from Liberian Maritime Authority for conduct of STCW 10, SSO and DSSD courses, and are the filing agents for SIRBs /CDCs.

  • STCW-10 certifications (all four basic modules)
  • SSO and DSSD
  • MSO Maritime Security Operatives course, certified by C&G UK
  • Trauma management and First Aid course

For our MSO / STCW course schedules, please contact us at trg@demsc.com

EMSC offers MSO 8269-03 courses for which certifying body is 'City & Guilds(UK)' and is an authorized training centre of Manipal City & Guilds.

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EMSC is a signatory of The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers
Liberian Maritime Authority
Key Services
Anti Piracy and Maritime security teams
Anti piracy MSO 8269-03 course certified by City&Guilds - UK
Beach recce, UXO, Deminning and Salvage ops
Best Management Practice (BMP4)
CP / EP protection and Land security
Crew and management training - anti piracy
Diving personnel and underwater services incl Nuclear diving
Homeland security
ISPS services and SSO training
Liberian STCW - 10 and SSO Courses and Marine Training
On board security teams / MSO and DSD training
Vessel hardening and Voyage planning